Every week we gather together – we have young adults and students who are being exposed to dynamic preachings, special elements, and a fun environment all while building a deeper relationship with God.

If you’re between the ages of 11-35 we invite you to join us! There is a spot for you in this Third Wave of Revival.

God’s Anointed Now Generation Reaches a wide spectrum of Young Adults, High Schoolers, and Middle Schoolers from urban backgrounds to church kids, the GANG is unified in the vision.

In God’s Anointed Now Generation, three tiers make up who we are:

  • God’s Anointed New Generation – Our “New Generation” is our Middle School/Jr. High ministry

  • God’s Anointed Next Generation – Our “Next Generation” is our High School ministry.

  • God’s Anointed Now Generation – Our “Now Generation” is our Young Adult ministry.

God’s Anointed Now Generation is highly committed to evangelism, prayer, the Word, and raising leaders for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.


Mission Trips
One of the principles within God’s Anointed Now Generation is evangelism. In our mission trips, young adults from all over the world attend to reach the hurting people of the world. God’s Anointed Now Generation has crusaded throughout the United States, Europe, Panama, and South Africa. In these evangelist crusades, God’s Anointed has been able to help produce several thousand commitments to Christ.

Conventions and Conferences
The dynamic energy of Victory Outreach God’s Anointed Now Generation Conventions keeps the most casual observer on the edge of their chair. Cutting edge speakers, powerful worship, and multimedia presentations highlight these remarkable events attended by teens and young adults from all over the world.

Choose Purity/Pure Courage
Purity pledges are an important component of God’s Anointed Now Generation. Teens and young adults commit to remaining sexually pure. It is not only about sexual abstinence, but also to be pure on God in all areas of one’s life. A purity ring and dog tag are provided as a memorial.

Leadership Development
Victory Outreach God’s Anointed Now Generation is committed to raising leaders for today’s generation as well as tomorrow’s. The name “God’s Anointed Now Generation” exemplifies this by challenging those to develop their leadership potential. God’s Anointed Now Generation develops a sense of urgency to prepare for the future by making positive steps today.
Victory Outreach International highly values the potential of all people and invests considerable time and resources to ensure the quality and effectiveness of this ministry.